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18/11/2009:  Check out Bob's awesome seventies website at Classic 70s!

19/09/2009:  You need to pick up Neil Diamond's Hot August Night/NYC album - it's a ripper!

25/05/2009:  We're still on a break, but we couldn't go by without saying, Happy Birthday, Star Wars! And check out our under construction Disco Wars site!

21/02/2009:  We're taking a bit of time off - in the meantime,  take a look around and get reacquainted with the the best decade ever - the 70s!

05/01/2009:  Welcome to 2009! I've missed a few updates over the past few months but I have them here all in one hit so enjoy!

Brandon Kleyla has created a great documentary about Indy-Fans (and even I get a mention!) so click on the banner above to order yours today!

26/10/2008:  Check out friend of Disco Fever and all round nice guy Alan O'Day's latest video clip here

10/10/2008:  Dial that phone cause this month's Disco Profile is City Boy!

15/09/2008:  Good friend of Disco fever and all round nice guy Alan O'Day has just released his latest album "I Hear Voices" which features a number of musical styles.  You can read the press release here, visit Alan's Disco Profile or better yet, visit www.alanoday.com where you can purchase the album today! All the best Alan!

04/09/2008:  September is my favourite month - okay, it is my birthday month - and we've got a great disco profile for you in English musical John Miles whose epic song Music got many a spin on Disco Fever. So click on the banner above to find out more!

Disco Profile - Karen Young

10/08/2008:  A new month and a new Disco Profile - this time Hot Shot singer Karen Young. Also sad news in the world of Disco with the recent passing of pioneering DJ Barry Lederer, who was extremely generous with his time for a past Disco Profile. And this month also marks the 5th Anniversary of Roger Voudouris. You can also visit his tribute page here. To find out more about the impact these artists had on seventies culture, click on their banners below. On more positive news, Alan O'Day is working on his first album in many years - you can check out his profile here.

Disco Profile - Barry Lederer
Disco Profile - Roger Voudouris

Disco Profile - Hot Butter

30/07/2008:  What's this - a day early! Yep - this month's disco profile is from a group that put had a hit with one of my Dad's favourite songs  -okay, it was pretty much their only song - Popcorn. So click the banner above to find out about Hot Butter!

Disco Profile: Nick Gilder

3/06/2008:  This month's Disco Profile is a really late - okay, my Indiana Jones podcast is taking up even more time than last month, but I still managed to get a profile out - this month's is that hot child in the city, Nick Gilder!

Disco Profile - Brenda & the Tabulations

13/05/2008:  This month's Disco Profile is a little late - okay, my Indiana Jones podcast is taking up a fair bit of time - check it out! So here's this month's Disco profile - Brenda and the Tabulations!

Disco Profile - Love & Kisses

06/04/2008:  This month's Disco Profile sung the title track to the 1978 disco classic movie - Thank God It's Friday - that's right, it's Love and Kisses!

02/03/2008:  This month's Disco Profile hit the charts with their dance smash 'Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet' - that's right, it's Gonzalez! Also check out my interview on Moviehole.net!

Disco Profile - Belle Epoque

02/02/2008:  This month's Disco Profile hit number 1 in Australia in 1978 with their smash Black is Black - that's right, it's Belle Epoque!

28/01/2008:  Added a new link to a groovy 70's website The 70's project on our links page so check it out!

21/01/2008:  Our good friend Laurice has updated his website with some great interviews and he has also provided some great sweepers for our show!

Disco Profike - Salsoul Orchestra
Wow - it's been 10 years since we first started the Disco Fever website! Thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years. Now, let's get into this month's disco profile - it's the Salsoul Orchestra!

27/12/2007:  Check out a great interview with November Disco Profile artist Laurice here at Discostyle!

Disco Profile - Hot Gossip

04/12/2007: Who can believe that it's almost Christmas and Disco Profile time again! This month it's those sexy dancers from the Kenny Everett Video Show who hit the disco charts with a bit of a Star Wars cash in!  Click the banner above to feel the Force! And in a non disco segue, don't forget to check out my podcast - the world's first Indiana Jones podcast, the Indy Cast!

Disco Profile - Laurice

01/11/2007: It's Disco Profile time and this month we have the non stop dance beat of Laurice! Laurice has got a new album out of his retro hits and they sound as good today as they did when they were first recorded! So click on the banner above, and check out Laurice's website to hear some of his tracks! A big thanks to Laurice and the gang from Mighty Mouth Music!!!

Disco Profile - Andrew Gold

01/10/2007: It's October which means Disco Profile time! This month's it's a singer songwriter who is the first person to be heard on Mars! It's true! So click on the banner and find our how and everything else about Andrew Gold!

27/09/2007: Well, it's time Disco Fever entered the mid nineties, so we have added our first Disco Poll! When you think Disco, who do you think of? It's a small sample, but let's see what you guys think!

03/09/2007: It's my favourite month - September, (okay it's my birthday month) and time for a new Disco Profile - this month we look at that ex-Fleetwood Mac singer songwriter who is beast known for his solo hits including the 1977 smash Ebony Eyes - that's right (in case you haven't read the banner) it's Bob Welch!

Disco Profile - Barry Lederer

01/08/2007: It's August 1 and that means it's time for this month's Disco Profile! Today I have the pleasure of highlighting the career of disco legend Barry Lederer! Barry has had a wide and varied career on the disco frontlines, so check out his profile here. many thanks to Barry for helping out with the profile - it's always a thrill to speak with someone who had such an influence in the disco scene!

Running a little late due to unforseen circumstances, our profile of a disco pioneer is on hold till next month. In the meantime, lets take a look at the gorgeous Cheryl Ladd, who not only was on of Charlie's Angels but released a number of albums in the disco years! Click the banner above for her profile!

Disco Profile  - Barbara Pennington

17/06/2007: Better late than never! Okay, maybe not but here is this month's disco profile! It's that Chicago songstress, Barbara Pennington! And stay tuned for next month's profile with a difference - we'll be highlighting someone who was in the frontlines of disco-dom in New York! Well worth a read!

Disco Profle - Rhythm Heritage

01/05/2007: They mainly did discofied versions TV themes but they still produced some funky albums! This month's disco profile is Rhythm Heritage!

Disco Profile - The Undisputed Truth

This month we're running a little late but, work study and Easter have all gotten on the way - and that's the truth! Speaking of truth, let's check out this month's Disco Profile - the dance floor filler but one-hit wonder band The Undisputed Truth!

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