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Disco Profile - David Naughton

02/03/2007: This month we're looking at a one hit wonder, but also one of the somewhat rare appearances of a hit TV show theme - okay, maybe not that rare. In fact, there may be a series in that... so here is this month's Disco Profile - David Naughton!

Disco Profile - Teri DeSario

05/02/2007: Are you ready for this month's (not to mention shockingly awful puns like that!) Disco Profile? This month it's Teri DeSario, best known for her 1980 duet with KC, Are you Ready!

Disco Profile - Peaches & Herb

03/01/2007: Happy new Year and welcome to another disco-tastic year (and the the 30th anniversary of Star Wars) at Disco Fever! Let's get straight into it with the the group that loved to shake their groove thing - it's Peaches & Herb!

Disco Profile - Kool & the Gang

04/12/2006: December is here and that can only mean 2 things - no, not Christmas and New Year but the launch of the Nintendo Wii and the 13 disc Superman Box set! Plus we've got those groovy cats - Kool and the Gang as the final Disco Profile for 2006! (Now can anyone tell me the lyric in Open Sesame 'I am the genie of suck???')

Disco Profile - D.C. LaRue

04/11/2006: November's Disco Profile is about a guy who not only had a number of hit records, but also featured in 2 classic disco movies! Yep, it's D.C. LaRue! So click on the banner above! 

Disco Profile - Dean Friedman

Sorry guys - had ISP troubles the past week so we are a little late. This month's Disco Profile is about Dean Friedman, the man behind the hits Ariel and our favourite Lucky Stars - in fact, we like it so much, we named out disco musical after it!!! So click on the banner above! 

Disco Profile - Gerry Rafferty

03/09/2006: Well it's my birthday month (cash or a Nintendo Wii please!) so I thought I'd profile the artist that sings my favourite song of all time - Gerry Rafferty! His song Baker Street takes me back to 1978 playing with my Star Wars action figures every time I hear it - hope it takes you back too!

Disco Profile - Promises

01/08/2006: This month it's that one-hit-wonder family act from Canada who made it in Europe! (and made suspenders sexy!) Yep, this month's Disco Profile is Promises!

Disco Profile - MFSB

01/07/2006: Just a quick update this month - check out the sound of Philadelphia and MFSB in this month's Disco Profile! (And don't forget to go see Superman Returns!)

Disco Profile - Eruption

22/06/2006: Running a little late this month - it's production week for Little Shop of Horrors that myself and co-Comic Genius collaborator Ian Nash-Gilchrist are putting on with Geelong Rep & Lyric Youth Theatre - so I've spent most of my time at the theatre instead of in front of a keyboard! So in the meantime, find out about Eruption in this month's Disco Profile!

Disco Profile - Don Ray

08/05/2006: You may not have heard of him, but this guy sings one of my favourite disco tracks - Got to have Loving. It's Don Ray, so check out his garden of love here

Disco Profile - Bionic Boogie

03/04/2006: Well we're back after jet setting to Disney World and New York for a few weeks catching up on some great shows (we met David Hyde Pierce from Spamalot) as well as escaping the Yeti on Disney's latest thrill ride Expedition Everest! This month we feature one of my favourite disco groups - it's Gregg Diamond's Bionic Boogie!

06/03/2006: Just a quick update to check out our newest link to The Disco Kings

01/03/2006: It's the 1st of March and I'm real excited - not because I've actually done an update on time, but because I'm I'm going to Disney World  and New York this month!  Now to this month's Disco Profile - not necessarily Disco, but a great artist who was all over the fm stations in 1979 - John Stewart

Disco Profile - Sniff 'n' the Tears

11/02/2006: Okay, we're running a little late, but here is this month's disco profile - it's the band whose catchy smash from 1978 had us singing along in our driver's seat - that's right, it's Sniff 'n' the Tears

And congratulations to Barry Manilow, whose latest album, The Greatest Songs of the Fifties has topped the Billboard charts - his first #1 since 1977's Barry Manilow/Live.

Disco Profile - Christie Allen

07/01/2006: Happy New Year! Boy, was it just me or did last year fly along? Well this year is going to be great as we continue the disco love here at Disco Fever! So let's start the new year with Australia's Queen of Pop for 1970 and 1980 - that Tarino girl, Christie Allen!

Disco Profile - M

05/12/2005: Tis' the season to get funky, so  why not find out about this month's Disco Profile - M of Pop Muzik fame!

Disco Profile - The Buggles
06/11/2005: Did video kill the radio star? Find out with the November Disco Profile on The Buggles! And don't forget to purchase your copy of the awesome Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith which is out on DVD this month! 

29/10/2005: Just a quick hi to let you know about Disco Rhythm! So click the banner above and enjoy the disco love!

01/10/2005: Wow! What a busy month! First, if anyone is in the Geelong/Melbourne area, you can see me from October 6-15 performing as Grantaire in GLTS' Les Misérables. Tickets are selling fast so book at GPAC! So while you are singing Red and Black, why not rock your baby with this month's Disco Profile -  that's right - it's George McCrae!

Disco Profile - Shaun Cassidy
01/09/2005: Well, its been a whole month since Disco Fever has left the airwaves - thanks for all your emails saying how much you miss the show, I really appreciate it! The Podcasts are not too far away - in the meantime enjoy this month's Disco Profile -  that's right - it's one half of the Hardy Boys - Shaun Cassidy!

Disco Profile - Tavares
Well, the show may be in hiatus, but the Disco Profiles keep coming! This month it's those disco detectives, Tavares

Just about to begin the end!

01/08/2005: Well, what a last show for Disco Fever on The Pulse! We had a cast of thousands...okay, 7....but it was great to see Disco Fever regulars back one last time! It was also great to have loyal listeners Malcolm, Steve and Cherie as part of studio audience. 

Ian Nash-Gilchrist, Grant Baensch and the Despondent Holly wood Correspondent Chris Hudgell

Ed Dolista with The Pulse's Betty Giles and Memories of Elvis' 
Grant Baensch

A special thanks to Kelly Clifford, Ian Nash-Gilchrist, Grant Baensch, Chris Bryan, John Sandles, Chris Hudgell and Steve Baker for making the last show a memorable one!

 Regular guest host Chris Bryan and Despondent Hollywood Correspondent 
Chris Hudgell

 King of the Segue meets the King of Accents!  
Steve Baker and Chris Hudgell

Also a big thanks to all my listeners over the past 18 years. And don't worry - Disco Fever will be coming soon online in a new format: Disco Fever - The Podcast in the next few months!

 The Pulse technical guru and all round nice guy
John Sandles

The regulars make way for Disco Fever listener's 
Steve, Cherie and Malcolm

In the meantime, the Disco Profiles will still be happening (August is on its way!) so keep checking the site for regular updates!

 Ed Dolista with his wife Kelly Clifford

25/07/2005: I've updated the links page with the site of a funky live Disco Band called Boogie Fever. They're Southern California's premiere live Disco Band and look and sound awesome, so click on the link and check out Jeff and the guys!

18/07/2005: Just a quick update today - we've added a link to a funky Art Print outfit called The Last Metro - so if you need some disco-lific art to decorate your pad while listening to Disco Fever, give these guys a call! 

Disco Profile - The Emotions

After around 18 years on the air, I've decided to hang up the platforms and put Disco Fever on permanent hiatus from July 30th. Given my work and theatrical commitments, it is time to take the show in a new direction. But Disco fans fear not! The website will continue to provide everything you want to know about disco! Plus in the not too distant future you will be able to download your very own Disco Fever Pod Casts!  

And of course, the Disco Profiles will keep on coming, like this month's edition - which given my feelings is quite appropriate - The Emotions!

So thanks to my loyal listeners and to everyone at the Pulse FM including Grant Baensch, John Sandles, Chris Bryan, Cory O'Connor, Steve Baker, Christine Twentyman and Kelly Clifford!

Disco Profile - Peter Brown

06/06/2005: Well it's been a full on start to the month, which explains the lateness of this month's Disco Profile. So hurry up and click on the banner above to find out about the funky Peter Brown!

Disco Profile - Kiki Dee

01/05/2005: This is the month I've been waiting for - not only do we have a new Disco Profile on Kiki Dee, but it's also Revenge of the Sith month! So why not revisit the legendary disco/Star Wars artist Meco! Also step back in time and Remember the 70's.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far out...

Disco Profile - Boz Scaggs

04/04/2005: Well its been a fun few days - went to the midnight opening of Toys r Us for their launch of the new Revenge of the Sith Toys plus I've got my tickets for the midnight screening as well! Can't wait! In the meantime, sit back and get the lowdown (get it?) on this month's disco profile - Boz Scaggs!

28/03/2005: Saw Neil Diamond live in concert on Thursday and the man is amazing! There is one concert left in Melbourne tonight, so do whatever it takes to get there! To remind you of the greatness of the legend, have a look at our disco profile!

Also, a big g'day to Alan O'Day - thanks for your email ! You can view Alan's updated Disco Profile here!

Disco Profile - Captain & Tennille

10/03/2005: Boy, is this year marching along or what! Bad pun sure, but hey, I'm tired! So it's March and here is this month's disco profile - yep, it's the awesome Captain & Tennille!  So click on the banner and find out why love will keep us together! And don't forget you can find online the Revenge of the Sith trailer today! 

Disco Profile - Alan O'Day

04/02/2005: Hi guys! Well it's February which means it's time for a new profile - and this month it's that Undercover Angel and Muppet Babies songwriter Alan O'Day! So click on the banner above to find out more. And don't forget if you are in Geelong on sat, Feb 5th, visit me and the Comic Genius productions Team at Arti Gras!

Saturday Feb 5th, 10-5pm 
Geelong Performing Arts Centre
Little Malop Street, Geelong

09/01/2005: Happy New Year - okay, it's almost mid January but it's great to be back! 2005 started in a disco-rific manner with the Melbourne season of Saturday Night Fever opening at the Victorian Arts Centre. It is awesome so go what are you doing reading this - go see it! To find out a little bit more about the movie, why not read our profile on one of the greats of the disco era and click on the image below!

Disco Profile - Saturday Night Fever

Also, don't forget our January Disco Profile - in keeping with the SNF theme, find out about Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band

19/12/2004: If you've been missing us it since we've had a few server issues, I'm here to let you know we're back! So with the December Disco Profile we've got that man who was trapped in a stairwell - Paul Jabara! So click on the banner and get down!

01/12/2004: Well it's December already and thing's have been flat out - I'm in a production of Man the Balloon - but don't worry, an new Disco Profile is on its way. Plus, more excitingly is a review with thanks to those Disco lovers at Universal Music of the Bee Gees latest album - Number Ones! We've also got a link to an awesome contest (for legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia) where you can win a Round-trip to London or an Apple iPod! So click on the banner above and test your Bee Gees knowledge to win - or visit our Bee Gees Disco Profile below!

The Bee Gees - Disco Profile

04/11/2004: This month's Disco Profile is that star of not only the disco charts but Broadway as well - that's right, it's Melba Moore!  And don't forget to visit starwars.com to view the all new Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith teaser trailer!

01/11/2004: Well November is here, so stay tuned for our next disco profile!

02/10/2004: Boy, September sure flew by! Hope you all have your Star Wars DVD's by now! What an awesome box set - even if you have a passing interest in the greatest trilogy of all time you should go out and get the set! Okay, back to disco and this month's Disco Profile. So if you love to love, then find out all about Tina Charles!

Disco Profile - Pablo Cruise

09/09/2004: Well it looks like it is shaping up to be an awesome month! Not only is it my birthday! (please send cash or disco records) but Star Wars is released on DVD! Plus we've got a profile on that great band, Pablo Cruise (who incidentally do a great cover version of Peter Allen's I Got to Rio). So click on the banner above to find your way!

16/08/2004: Think you can hustle? Then click on the banner above and check out our friends at the International Hustle and Salsa Competition! 

14/08/2004: Disco Fever was sad to hear of the death of the superfreak himself Rick James! 

30/07/2004: Boy, after the lateness of the last few updates I would forgive you if you thought I'd forgotten but I believe in miracles cause I'm early with the August profile! This month it's the velvety sounds of Errol Brown and Hot Chocolate! As usual, click on the link above!

26/07/2004: I'm back! Thanks for all your emails and calls congratulating Kelly and I on our marriage! We just got back from Japan - an awesome place if you ever get the chance to visit! So, that means there is not one but 2 Disco Profiles!  Click on the link for this month's - it's the velvet voice of Lou Rawls or check the archive for last month's - Stephanie Mills!

09/07/2004: So I missed a few disco updates - the main reason is I'm getting married tomorrow!!!, but don't worry, I'll be back soon with the June and July Disco Profiles!

30/05/2004: You didn't think I'd miss a month hey? So here it is is - with only 2 days to go - Irene Cara! Click on the link above to get the feeling!

13/05/2004: Don't worry! The new Disco Profile will be coming soon! In the meantime, check out some past Disco Legends!

20/04/2004: Sure it's late, but my chiffon was all wet! Click on the banner to find out about Disco Tex and his Sex-O-Lettes

23/03/2004: Ok, it's a little late, but don't get emotional about it! That's right, this month's disco profile is Samantha Sang! Click on the banner above to find out more!

10/03/2004: We'll have a new Disco Profile on the way - in the meantime, check out the funky Starsky and Hutch website!

11/02/2004: It's here! This month it is with great pleasure I present the disco profile - the legend himself Meat Loaf! I am a huge Meat Loaf fan, and was lucky enough to meet the man during his Bat 2 tour! Well, he's back and this time he's bringing the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, so click on the banner above to find all about the powerhouse performer Meat Loaf! Now if only he'd tour with Jim Steinman....

02/02/2004: I'm hard at work at our next Disco Profile, so check back soon!

Amazing! One day before the new year and the latest disco profile is here! This month it's the King of the Divan Plastic Bertrand
So click on the banner above for some Belgian disco!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Disco Fever! And if you look under the tree you'll find a neatly wrapped disco profile for you! You guessed it, it's that Kung Fu Fighting Carl Douglas! So Dance the Kung Fu and click on the banner above!

17/12/2003: Boeing Boeing was a huge success, which means I've got some time for a disco profile....at least in the next few days, so check back soon!

28/11/2003: I know there's only 2 days left of November, but it's here! November's disco profile is Dan Hartman, so click on the banner above. Plus I've also updated the links to Mr Rupert Holmes official website at www.rupertholmes.com! And don't forget Boeing Boeing opens today! 

18/11/2003: It's coming soon - that's right the new disco profile will be here as soon as I have a few minutes to do it! 

14/10/2003: It's here! This month's Disco Profile is The Hues Corporation! So don't rock the boat, just click on the banner above!

12/10/2003: Let's welcome Disco Legend Marty Angelo Disco Step by Step! He hosts an awesome site that focuses on the first TV show dedicated to disco, dance and the Hustle! Not only that but they have an incredible amount of info on disco artists, specials and basically everything you could want to know! And be sure to click on Marty's discography and see who he helped  on the way to disco immortality - it's amazing!

And yes, the October Disco Profile is running a little late...

07/10/2003: It's October and that means a new disco profile! Well, I've just started a new job, so I'm running a little behind, so the October profile will be up and running as soon as I can find some time to do it! In the meantime check out some of our past entries!

02/09/2003: Another month, another Disco Profile! I can't believe it's taken so long to get to the man carries a cane, a suitcase and an old guitar  and something new to occupy his mind! That's right, it's the legendary Patrick Hernandez! So click on the banner above and find a place to settle down down down!

Click here for the Roger Voudouris Disco Profile

12/08/2003: It is with sad news to tell of the passing of Roger Voudouris. Our condolences go out to all his family and friends. Roger passed away in his home town of Sacramento, California on August 3. He will be sorely missed by his fans around the world - especially those Down Under where he had a cult status. I've set up a brand new guestbook where you can leave a message about Roger!

Write a message in the Roger Voudouris Guestbook!

Powered by Bravenet
Powered by Bravenet
You can also click on the banner above to find out more about Roger's career. 

01/08/2003: Well it is a rare day today! The first of the month and a brand spanking new disco profile! This month it's that Aussie disco Diva Marcia Hines! So if there is something missing in your life, click on the banner above!

06/07/2003: This month we take a look at disco legend, Van McCoy! All you need to do is click on the banner above - so do it! 

05/07/2003: First off it is sad to hear of the passing of the love walrus himself - Barry White. I was lucky enough to see the love doctor in concert recently and he was fantastic. He will be sorely missed by not only disco lovers and lovers in general! To find out about Mr White, click here for his disco profile!

16/06/2003: It's amazing how busy one can be during Folio Prep Week (not to mention filming a one minute version of the Matrix Reloaded)! As a result the Disco Profile has been a little late! But the wait is over! So click on the banner above to learn all about Yvonne Elliman! And also congrats to the following winners of the Ultimate Disco competition - Maria Chavez, Johnny Morales and Timothy McElhenie!  

06/05/2003: It's here! This month's disco profile is the late, great Edwin Starr!  So tune in your happy radio and click the banner above!

01/05/2003: Well it's May and to kick off the month why not start with a great competition thanks to Ultimate Disco! Click on the link above to register your details for your chance at the Ultimate Disco double CD set or check out the Polyester Tester!  And while you are waiting for this month's Disco Profile, why not check out some past profiles?

23/04/2003: Well just got back from an Easter break - hope yours was safe! And what better way to get back in the swing of things is with Ultimate Disco a 30th anniversary two CD set! Click the banner above for info, samples and coming soon your own chance to win your own piece of disco history!

01/04/2003: Hey there! We've added a link to Disco pioneer Michael B Sutton's website on the links page - Mr Sutton was part of the disco movement with the duo Michael and Brenda Sutton as well as producing/writing for the likes of Michael Jackson, Cheryl Lynn, Diana Ross and Dionne Warwick to name a few. He's also got a new album out called Hopeless Romantic which we'll spin on the show as soon as we can! So stop on by!

02/04/2003: Disco Fever would like to salute the wonderful Edwin Starr who recently passed away. Edwin was a Disco Fever favourite with the hits H.A.P.P.Y. Radio and the thumping dance floor filler Contact! His disco music lives on! Why not find out more about the man at his website www.edwinstarr.info.

01/04/2003: It's the first of the month so it's time for another disco profile! (No, it's not an April Fools day joke! I know I am not usually this prompt but hey, I finally have got my disco act together!) This month it's those funky one-hit wonders Lipps, Inc. So click on the link for some Lipps, Inc!

10/03/2003: Sure it's late but you wouldn't want me to be unfashionably early with the disco profile would you? This month it's Rupert Holmes so sip on your Pina Colada click on the banner to Escape!

17/02/2003: Check out Lee's groovy dance music site at Dance Net Radio! You know you want to!

03/02/2003: February is here so check our disco profile - this month it's Rose Royce! Click the banner below!
 We've also got a new link to
Lorenzo's Bomba Seventies site on the disco links page so say ciao!

30/01/2003: Added a new Bee Gees fansite to the disco links page here!

29/01/2003: A big thanks to Bob for the album info and cover shot of Roger Voudouris' 1980 album A Guy Like Me. Check out all you wanted to know about the cult songster here!

13/01/2003: It has been sad to hear of the passing of legendary Bee Gee Maurice Gibb who died yesterday from a heart attack aged only 53. Everyone at Disco Fever wishes Barry, Robin and Maurice's family our deepest sympathy. To take a look at Maurice's amazing career, check out the Bee Gees disco profile here

09/01/2003: Happy New Year! Okay, it's a little late but having just got back from the Star Wars -  From Magic to Myth Exhibition I have a decent excuse! Just when you were asking yourself when will I see you again I've got this month's Disco Profile - the sweet harmonies of the Three Degrees! So click on the banner above to find out more! And don't forget to check out the original Hawaiian Hustler, the Disco Doc on our link page!

10/11/2002: Yes it's 10 days late, but hey! Click on the banner above to find all about the disco career of Amii Stewart! So what are you waiting for, just knock on the banner above!

13/11/2002: Firstly, what are you doing reading this, why aren't you watching Attack of the Clones on DVD! After you finish watching the best DVD release this year - and no  I don't think watching a 5 hour version of LOTR:TFOTR:SE is that exciting (what kind of Wizard's best advice is to run away all the time?) - check out The 70's Preservation Society and tell Jim that Ed sent you!  

09/01/2003: Happy New Year! Okay, it's a little late but having just got back from the Star Wars -  From Magic to Myth Exhibition I have a decent excuse! Just when you were asking yourself when will I see you again I've got this month's Disco Profile - the sweet harmonies of the Three Degrees! So click on the banner above to find out more! And don't forget to check out the original Hawaiian Hustler, the Disco Doc on our link page!

10/11/2002: Yes it's 10 days late, but hey! Click on the banner above to find all about the disco career of Amii Stewart! So what are you waiting for, just knock on the banner above!

13/11/2002: Firstly, what are you doing reading this, why aren't you watching Attack of the Clones on DVD! After you finish watching the best DVD release this year - and no  I don't think watching a 5 hour version of LOTR:TFOTR:SE is that exciting (what kind of Wizard's best advice is to run away all the time?) - check out The 70's Preservation Society and tell Jim that Ed sent you!  

09/11/2002: Well funksters, not only was my profile late on LRB it also had some inaccuracies! So check out the new AND improved LRB disco profile!

12/11/2002: Hi al! This month's disco profile is Aussie supergroup Little River Band! I'm lucky enough to see their new incarnation next week -  Birtles Shorrock Goble so I'll give you a full review next week. Meanwhile, click on the banner above to find out everything you wanted to know about LRB!

18/10/2002: Holy cow! Another update! That's right, and it's an important one because the Polyester Tester is back! You can win a copy of Saturday Night Fever on DVD (or video, but why would you want a non anamorphic transfer without 5.1 sound?)  just by listening to the show! Just checkout  the Polyester Tester link for details!

17/10/2002: It's finally here! Hours in the making, this month's disco profile is The Ritchie Family! So join the American generation and hit the banner above from the people behind the Village People!

09/10/2002: I know it's late but with A Man For All Seasons wrapping up, Picasso at the Lapin Agile rehearsals starting and Pirates of Penzance auditions beginning, I've been a little too busy for the October profile. But don't worry, there will be a new one up and running in no time. And a big thanks to Disco Doug for filling in for me for the past 3 weeks! 

02/09/2002: Well it's September and that means only one thing! No not my birthday (though I am after an interactive R2D2), I mean it's time for another disco profile! This month it's the funky co-stars of Thank God It's Friday, The Commodores! So click the banner above once, twice and three times a lady!

09/08/2002: Wow! What a bumper month July was! Thanks to all the hits and interest in our Meco profile! You can still get to it by clicking the banner above. This month's profile is that Latino group sensation Santa Esmeralda! And don't be misunderstood, so click the link above!

01/07/2002: July is here and the wait is over! That's right, this month's profile is the legendary MECO MONARDO! Disco Fever fans are doubly lucky as MECO has provided an amazing disco story to share with us! So many thanks to MECO for his input. So what are you waiting for? Click on the banner above for MECO!

19/06/2002: June's Disco Profile is Sylvester! Click on the banner above. Only one month till we profile the disco legend, Meco Monardo!

05/06/2002: The new Disco Profile is here: This month it's that 70's teen idol Leif Garrett!

12/05/2002: I know this month's Disco Profile is running a little late, but I have an excellent reason! In the next few weeks we'll have a new profile from a disco legend with a story direct from the man himself! I don't want to give to much away so stay tuned  - anyway, I'm sure your all too busy watching Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and playing your GameCube for the moment so when you're done, check back!

27/03/2002: We've rejoined the 70's Flashback webring, so click the link below and get funky!

20/03/2002: So it's almost May, but it's finally here! My new PC is up and running at the speed of light so I'm ready to bring on the new updates. This month's disco profile is The Silver Convention! Yes the German trio who brought us "Fly robin fly, up into the sky" (and now you know the lyrics to the entire song) so click on the banner and get up and boogie!

09/03/2002: Sure it's 9 days late but quality does take time...okay, I didn't think you'd believe that. This month's disco profile is that funky roller-disco motion picture event Xanadu! So click on the banner and go to a place where nobody dared to go!

02/03/2002: This Saturday Night is a great night for disco fans - not only do you get 2 hours of Disco Fever, but on the Australian Channel 7 you get to watch Grease at 7:30 followed by Saturday Night Fever! So set the video as we'll be playing tracks from both these groovy movies this week! Plus the March Disco Profile is on its way!

21/02/2002: This Saturday, 23rd of February, Disco Fever is doing a special early shift from 8pm till 10pm live from Tarts Cafe in Pakington Street, Geelong as part of the 2002 Pako Fest! So boogie on down, request your favourite disco track and say hi! 

01/02/2002: Well, last week's live broadcast was a huge success - so it looks like Disco Fever may go on the road once a month! At The Pulse we bring boogie to the people!  And since it's the start of a new month, it's a new disco profile (amazing it is on time!) and this month we have Leo Sayer! So you know the drill, click on the banner above and find out more than I can say about Leo! Plus we've updated the disco links page, so once you've studied the disco profile, see what else is out there on the web.

26/01/2002: This Australia Day, Disco Fever is broadcasting live from 8:30 till midnight for The Sailor's Rest at Steam Packet Gardens! So drop on by and say hi and request your favourite disco track in person! So join me and my co-host, Memories of Elvis host Grant Baensch this Saturday night!

05/01/2002: Happy New Year from all the crew at Disco Fever! This is going to be a great year for disco so keep your radio tuned to 94.7 The Pulse and your browser right here for the best disco and giveaways! Well I was lucky enough to attend the opening night of "Oh, What a Night" and attend the after show party. Story wise it's pretty thin, and the costumes weren't very authentic but the music is great - it packs in 35 funky disco tracks so until "Lucky Stars"  comes out, book tickets now! Being the start of a new month, it's also time for a new disco profile, and this month it's the disco movie that started it all, "Saturday Night Fever"! Click on the banner above to find out everything about the film, from story to trivia to chart info! So what are you waiting for? Catch the fever!

01/12/2001: Well I'd never thought I'd see the day, not only did we feature Roger Voudouris last month, but just in time for Christmas  is the Disco Duck man himself, Rick Dees! That's right, the song that always gets requested (but won the disco poll for the song that was least wanted to be heard on the show) gets its own profile! So what are you waiting for? Click on the banner above to find out all bout Rick, the Duck and the lyrics to the smash hit so you can sing along in the privacy of your own home!

14/11/2001: Ed here! Sorry about the lack of updates, but between work, my theatre commitments and MC-ing a wedding I have been flat out! Firstly I'd like to say a big thanks to Grant Baensch for filling the platform shoes while I was away - but don't fear, I will be back next week! Secondly, it's time for the November Disco Profile and this month is a doozy! That's right, it's the legendary cult figure Roger Voudouris! Now I hope you appreciate the effort I went into finding out some info on Roger, as he's a hard man to find info on! Still I did manage to write a brief history, lyric's to "Get Used to It" plus a complete discography! So click away during the official Roger Voudouris month!

27/10/2001: Well, I am away for the next three Saturdays - next week I'm MC-ing a wedding (congratulations Paul and Michelle) and the other two I am performing in "Under the Greenwood Tree" for Theatre of the Winged Unicorn! But that doesn't mean the disco is coming to an end. My good buddy and Elvis guru Grant Baench will be filling in and spinning all your favourite disco tracks till I get back. Thanks Grant!

22/10/2001: Added a link to the official Ronnie Laws website in the Earth Wind and Fire Disco Profile. (Thanks Roger for the heads up!)

13/10/2001: All you Bee Gees fans out there take note! A new double cd of their greatest hits is due out next month followed by a 100 date world tour! And don't forget to email me your favourite Bee Gees requests! Click here to get down and boogie!

04/10/2001: First of all, sorry for the lack of updates last month. With me moving to a new project, plus rehearsing a new play, I was just flat out! But now I'm back and I've got fresh new disco profile for you. And this month, I'd thought I'd go something a little different and highlight a movie phenomenon instead of a disco artist. Don't worry, we'll still profile your favourite singers and bands, but how could I not talk about Grease! Click on the banner above to find out about the story and full cast and crew of the 1978 smash hit movie, plus track listing and chart history, images and more! 

30/08/2001: Well it's been a real busy month but now I'm back and we've got a great September lined up for you! Not only is it my birthday (I take, cheques, money orders or any vintage Star Wars figures mint on card), plus the return of the Polyester Tester, but a there is a great Disco Profile for this month. That's right, it's the Solitary Man himself, Neil Diamond! Find out everything you could want to know about the legend in our disco profile. So this September Morn, just click on the banner above, dig! 

01/08/2001: Burn baby burn! That's right, this month's disco profile is those funky brothers from The Trammps! So if your heart strings go zing, click on the banner above for Disco Inferno 101!

23/07/2001: I'm back from the good ole U S of A and what a trip! Firstly thanks to Cory O' Connor and Grant Baensch for helping out when I was gone. Now where do I start! We started at Las Vegas and saw some great shows, but the stand out was Rick Springfield in EFX Alive!  Boy he was amazing (and did Jessie's Girl and Don't talk to Strangers) and the show had great special effects! We then made our way to Orlando where we stayed in Disney World. You must go to Disney World. It truly is the happiest place on earth! All the worlds: MGM, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom were amazing. We also did Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, plus the Kennedy Space Centre (Hi to Shuttle Commander Rick Searfoss from Kelly and me) and Sea World. From there we headed to New York which was amazing! Luckily I'm on  the A list, so we managed to see Mel Brooks' "The Producers" starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick on Broadway. It is the funniest show we have ever seen! We were lucky enough to meet Mr Broderick after the show and he's a heck of a nice guy! We also caught Jon Lovitz and Larry Miller in Neil Simon's "The Dinner Party" and Tom Selleck (who was brilliant!) in "A Thousand Clowns". After seeing all the sights in NY like  the Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Guggenheim, The Met, MoMa and Central Park we relunctantly made our way to Hollywood and Disneyland, Universal Studios and the Walk of Fame! What a trip! I'll post some pix as soon as they are developed! In the meantime Kelly and I are saving for our next trip back! (And if Matthew Broderick needs an understudy, you can email me here!)

21/06/2001: Well, I'm jetting off to the good ole U S of A for the next 3 weeks, but I will be on air this week. Over the following weeks, Cory O'Connor will be filling in the chair but I will be doing some live reports direct from Florida and New York, so stay tuned! 

19/06/2001 From today, Geelong Radio has got an all new name and frequency, so don't forget you can hear Disco Fever on the all new The Pulse - 94.7 FM!

16/06/2001: Sure it's early, but July's profile of Andy Gibb celebrates one year of the Disco Profile! Over the past year we've featured the following artists: The Village People, the Bee Gees, Abba, Donna Summer, Barry White, KC and the Sunshine Band, Boney M, the Jackson Five, Barry Manilow, Chic, Gloria Gaynor and Earth Wind and Fire! So if there is any artist that you want to know more about, drop me a line here and we'll get do a Disco Profile on them!

01/06/2001: It's June and it's time for another Disco Profile! This month, it's those elemental funksters, Earth, Wind and Fire! Click the banner above or visit the Disco Profiles section for this and more groovy disco profiles! 

28/05/2001: Hayfever is going great - and all shows are sold out - but there is still one week to go. Thanks to Cory O' Connor and Grant Baensch for filling in. This week, Cory O'Connor is back in the chair spinning the best in disco! We've also got a groovy new link to Discoland for you to check out! They've got great samples and downloads plus a disco radio station that runs 24/7! (Better send them my resume!) Click on the Disco Links site for details.

13/05/2001: Well I'm off for 3 weeks appearing in Theatre of the Winged Unicorn's adaptation of Noel Coward's Hayfever! But even though I'm on the stage, Disco Fever will continue with the great disco you've grown to love (an in regards to Disco Duck, to hate)! We'll have some great special guest hosts from the 19th of June - (and if they just don't cut it, let me know here!)

11/05/2001: We've added a great new site to the Disco Links page. Disco Savvy has great info on all your favourite disco artists! So click here get down with Kevin!

01/05/2001: Another month, another disco profile! This month it is that legendary disco diva Gloria Gaynor! Click on the banner above or check out the other disco artists in our disco profile wing!

30/04/2001: Well, we've got a groovy new link to add - it's the Totally 70's Link exchange where you can find all your funky 70's needs! So drop in on Chris and say Ed sent you! Click on the graphic below or on the disco links button! 

The Totally 70's Link Exchange

08/04/2001: Want to see what "Studio 54", "2001 Odyssey Disco" and that club outta "Thank God it's Friday" was like? Then check out the the World's Largest Disco with this year's special guest Christopher (Peter Brady) Knight! ! Click here or on the disco links button for details!

28/03/2001: Sure it's a few days early, but here is the disco profile for April! This month it's the funky sounds of Chic, the band that had great success with Le Freak, Good Times and heaps more and was the brainchild of wonder producers Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. So what are you waiting for? Click the banner above and freak out!

The first Bee Gees single from their new album of the same name "This is where I came in" was released today! Great song and you can hear it in the next edition of Disco Fever! 

16/03/2001: Live at Buckley's Entertainment Complex got the chance to see "Stayin' Alive - the Bee Gees Tribute show" and what a fantastic show! They were dead ringers for Barry Robin and Maurice in sound, looks and mannerisms!  A great night out and if they hit your area go see them!

08/03/2001: Groovy new link to Brutus Gold's Love Train Site! Get down with Brutus the man and the rest of the beautiful people like Milton Bradley, Bri Nylon, the cool Marshall Cavendish and the extremely hot Angel Delite! Just click on the disco links button or here to get some sweet disco lovin'!

01/03/2001: The all new disco profile is up! This month it's the disco legend Barry Manilow! Click the banner above for a huge biography and discography of the man who wrote the songs that make the whole world sing!

28/02/2001: The current disco poll has closed. The results for the question "Which novelty disco track would you like to hear less of on Disco Fever?" are as follows:

Disco Duck: 68%

The Smurf Song: 8%
Macho Duck: 0% 
DisGorilla: 5%
Disco Mickey Mouse: 2%
Get Dancin': 5%
Ain't Gonna Bump With No Fat Woman: 8%

Sorry Mr Dees but it looks like the listeners have spoken! check back soon for a new disco poll.

22/02/2001: Boney M played the Crown Showroom to a packed crowd of disco lovers1 They sung all their big hits including Sunny, Rasputin, Ma Baker, Daddy Cool and Rivers of Babylon. A great concert that had the audience dancing on the floor (and stage!)

19/02/2001: The new Polyester Tester competition "Buy your way to Fame" is here! We are moving frequencies and need your help! Click here for details!

05/02/2001: New link added to the disco links page: The Best Disco in Town! Very funky site with disco samples, tributes and you guessed it - a whole lot more!

31/01/2001: Well it's been a real hectic January (scriptwriting and learning lines for a new show I'm in) hence the lack of updates! So lets start February with a bang and the new disco profile! This month we take a look at The Jackson 5ive, so just click on the banner above or click the Disco Profile button on the side for past profiles. Plus this month we'll be doing a special Polyester Tester promotion to help raise money for Geelong Radio- keep your eyes peeled for details!

01/01/2001: Everyone at Disco Fever wishes you a groovy and safe New Year!

31/12/2000: It's almost 2001, so here is the January disco profile - Boney M! Just click the banner above!

09/12/2000: The current Disco Poll is in its last days, so vote for your least favourite novelty disco track - and remember there will not be any recounts (unless you want to vote for Disco Duck more than once...) 

28/11/2000: Sure it's a few days early, but that's the way I like it! Check out the all new December disco profile for  KC & the Sunshine Band! Just click the banner and get down tonight!

25/11/2000: I'm back after a 3 week break...if you can call performing in Les Miz a break! Thanks to Grant and Co for filling in! And now it's back to the wall to wall disco that we're famous for!

01/11/2000: New Barry White Disco Profile for November! Just click the disco profiles icon on the left and get some sweet lovin'!

31/10/2000: I'll be taking a 3 week break to appear in GLTS' production of Les Misérables (Click the link for details - I'd love to see you there!) Thanks to Grant Baensch and Rachel and Jason for filling in the platforms!

01/10/2000: Donna Summer Disco Profile for October!

14/09/2000: Added new link to the Official MECO fan page to the Disco Links section!

13/09/2000: It's my birthday! Thanks to all the well wishes! (Remember I take cash or credit cards...)

07/09/2000: It was an honour just to be nominated...Disco Fever was this week chosen as Sofcom's Pick of the Net! Click here to see the award.

03/09/2000: Hate Disco Duck? Just can't stand Disco Mickey Mouse? Then have your say in the new Disco Fever Novelty track poll! Click here to vote!

01/09/2000:  Well, I thought it was time to update the site's design and bring it into the late 70's, so not only have I gone for the funky looks of a K-Tel disco compilation, I have all the power of an Atari 2600 running this baby! Yep, one and a half untamed megahertz is under the hood (plus it plays Space Invaders and Missile Command!) 

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