I have spent day and night for the last 20 minutes scouring the web for the best disco related websites so you don't have to - that's the kind of groovy guy I am! So if you want your site added to the list, or want to report a dead link, reach out and touch me here! All links open in a new window.

Disco music and 70's websites Groovy 70's movies Hip shows that had us glued to the set! From Star Wars action figures to Charlie's Angels pinball! Not Disco, but sites I spend time at!


Classic 70s

 The Seventies

Boogie Fever

The 70's Project

The Disco Kings

Disco Rhythm

USA Karaoke - Disco

Michael B Sutton

Dance Net Radio

Bee Gees Info

Disco Doc's Disco Power!

The 70's Preservation Society


Disco Imperium

We Got Disco


Remember the 70's

Disco Savvy

The Totally 70's Link Exchange

The Disco Discography

The Super 70's

Brutus Gold's Love Train

Dee T's 70's Page

Stuck in the 70's

The World's Largest Disco

Star Wars



Caped Wonder - Celebrating Christopher Reeve & Superman the Movie

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Happy Days Online

The Brady Bunch site

Mork & Mindy

The Love Boat

Charlie's Angels

The Muppet Show

Hit TV shows of the 70's

Kresky - the official site

Toys R Gus - vintage Star Wars archive

Big Jim action figures from Mattel

Charlie's Angels memorabilia

The Mego Museum - classic 70's action figures

Comic Genius Productions

The Force.Net

The Raider.net

The Digital Bits

Geelong Repertory Theatre Society

The Indy-Cast


That's Entertainment in Geelong