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Alan O'Day was born in Hollywood in 1940. A successful songwriter and performer, he has written numerous hits including 1971's The Drum for Bobby Sherman, Helen Reddy's 1974 hit Angie Baby.

In 1977, O'Day wrote and recorded the smash hit Undercover Angel (also heard in 1999's Charlie's Angels) which went on to sell 2 million copies. He followed this with the Aussie number one Skinny Girls in 1980.

He continued to write for other artists including the hit Righteous Brother's song Rock and Roll Heaven. Other collaborations include Cher, Three Dog Night, Mel Carter and Tatsura Yamashita.

In 1983 he began working with Janis Liebhart and composed over 100 songs for the hit Jim Henson cartoon series Muppet Babies. Their song There's Only One Ariel was also included on the soundtrack to the smash hit Disney film The Little Mermaid.

He also collaborated with Liebhart on songs for the award winning National Geographic series Really Wild Animals.

Alan is now back doing what he loves most - writing songs. This time with an emphasis on country - his!

Alan has just released his latest album - I Hear Voices. For more information on the album and on Alan O'Day and his music, visit his official website