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The songs of recording artist, composer, writer and singer Laurice have captured the romantic imagination of people all over the globe.

After achieving some minor hits in England and Europe, he crashed onto the international chart scene with the dance hits We Will Make Love, The Disco Spaceship and The Hotline.

The Welsh born singer/composer/producer was voted Dance Music Artist of the year for two consecutive years in Canada, charted NO 1 and Top Five in many Latin American, Far East and Benelux countries. This in addition to the artistís many gay activist involvements in Europe, Canada and the USA. Despite a near - permanent disability, Laurice became a producer, writer and manager for other artists in Hollywood, California.

He wrote and arranged Echoes, a successful new CD, combining smooth jazz/adult contemporary vocals and new age instrumental compositions that stress versatility without compromising a love of rhythm oriented material.

Moving permanently back to Canada, Laurice is has released his latest album DANCE DANCE DANCE, which is a retrospective disco album featuring all his disco hits. The album also features some rare unreleased material from 1970ís which make this album a highlight for not only fans of Laurice but all disco enthusiasts.

To purchase the album, or to sample some of his tracks, visit or  a great interview with Laurice here at Discostyle!